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Frequently asked questions

May we suggest you refer to the frequently ask questions section listed below to help you resolve your inquiry. Live help is also available via email or live chat.

How are the animations formatted?

We sell our animations in 2 formats:

  • Character Studio format: this is a .bip. Our .bip will work in any version of 3DSmax9 and up.
  • FBX format: Our .fbx works with any version of Motion builder 7.5 and up and any software that accepts such fbx files.

We sell our 3D models in 2 formats:

  • 3DSmax 2011 and up, with character studio rigs.
  • FBX format: Our .fbx works with any version of Motion builder 2011 and up.

Please note: The fbx format is the most widely accepted format, and can easily transfer to rigs as long as they have similar nomenclature.

The character studio format is also very useful and instantly plugs onto the rig and adapts to specific dimensions.

We also provide Collada format (“.dae”) and Biovision (.bvh). on demand.

What is the cost?

Each animation has a price which is unique, and based on the length of the animation and its complexity. Generally speaking, animations start at 3 usd.

A character fully modelled and rigged like the characters demoed in the store (and with textures), and the characters which can be downloaded in the Download section (and with textures) are available for purchase for about 500 USD. This is a rough estimate as price can vary depending on number of features added such as: Hair, clothes, and physics.  More complex setups will add to the price.

1 second of film/cinematic with 1 or 2 characters can be purchased from 50 USD, depending on the complexity of the animation (fewer fingers, basic facial expressions) are less expensive to create than realistic, (10 fingers, detailed facets of human expression).

Transferring animation to a specific rig that does not accept .fbx or .bip varies depending upon the setup of your character. The more animation there is to transfer, the better. The process takes time to set, but once set, the data is more easily batched.

How do I purchase animations?

Select the animation from the animation bank using the search bar, and view the interlinked animations and skeleton views on their individual page (accessible through the link ‘more views/interlinked animations’., Add them to your shopping cart, and review before placing your order. Payment is accepted through secure servers via PayPal.  Receive your animation by email (we do not yet send download links. All products are sent via email)

When purchasing animations, do I receive the 3D models shown in the films also? 

No, we only sell the animation data as .bip and .fbx, not the models, lights, background or any 3D meshes shown in the films.
To purchase such models, you need to order them on the service page.
Free testing is available utilizing the free rigged models  provided in the Download section

To purchase 3D models that works with the anims, go to the The 3D models section.

Does PAB purchase outside animations?

We are always looking for talented animators to produce genuine, unique and top-quality animations, and artists to produce 3D models. We can open a whole section of ProAnimationBank for such talented individuals.

Can I transfer animations on my rig (not a character studio or fbx rig)?

Yes, PAB will provide this service can transfer animations to a specific rig which has specific controllers. However not all rigs will accept our animations without some clean up. PAB will advise you what is possible on your rig, and if it is the case, will offers additional clean up at a very reasonable rates.

Can PAB modify the animations I purchased?

PAB will accommodate simple changes in the animation itself, as a free service, however, more complex changes will result in a charge for custom animation.

What is the cost of custom animations?

A typical custom animation of a realistic human character can be purchased from 35 USD per animation, and typically around 70 USD. PBA provides estimates so that the purchaser will know what to expect. The cost includes possible changes required by the buyer.

Will I have exclusive rights for custom animations once purchased?

Yes. Exclusive rights animations are provided for all custom animations. Custom animations will not be used or sold on ProAnimationBank. They are yours exclusively, you own the Copyright.

Will I have exclusive rights for modified animations from the bank?

No. Modified animations from our catalogue keep their non-exclusive licence and can be sold again on ProAnimationBank.

Can I purchase just a rig/controllers/skin done and not buy animations?

Yes. You can have just the rig done, or just the controllers put on your rig, or just the skinning done on your already rigged characters. We always provide estimate of cost beforehand.
Typically, a human character rig with basic facial expressions can cost 350 USD. With all the proper controllers to animate it, it will cost an extra 350 USD (700 USD for complex and sophisticated setups). The skinning will cost 350 USD. Prices will vary depending on the characters and the actions they need to perform.

Do you sell models?

We sell models on the 3D models section. They are tested and certified working with the animation from the bank.  We also offer three models free of charge, (Man, Woman, dog) so you can have a working base on which to plug your animations.

What sets PAB apart from others?

Of the few animation companies that currently exist, PBA is the only company that sells animations that can interlink, and combine together.  This saves our clients time and money.  PBA was developed for animators and is run by expertly trained professionals with years of experience, who know what is really needed in production.  PBA delivers expressive, ready-to-use animation which is affordable and efficient.    

I have selected animations corresponding to my need on my film/publicity/game. Will its use limited, or subject to restriction ?

The animation you buy must be incorporated in the final product you are creating in such a way that any user of your product cannot extract, or use the data you purchased. You are not authorised to sell the animation data itself, or give it to a third party.
You are free to use the animation in any way as long as the animation data (the animation file) is not extractable from the product you do (ex : a film, or a game)

Must I pay rights to use the animations? What about each successive time the animation is seen in my product that i created using them ?

No. All rights are given at the time of purchase. The initial payment gives you the right to use the animation you purchased for life. However, you cannot sell or give the animations data to another. To obtain all information regarding rights please read the EULA (Licensing Agreement).

Can I buy an animation at ProAnimationBank and use it as image render on books, pictures, T-shirt or other commercial images ?

Yes. You have all these rights from the time of purchase.

I want to buy animations from ProAnimationBank, modify them and sell the data. Is this legal ?

Not if the animation data is too similar to the original.

Can I get my money back if not satisfied ?

In case of a malfunction from the data file itself, or if the animation has an unseen jerk or is not perfect in some part, we will gladly correct it for you. We provide free support to adjust animations to your liking, as a free service, as long as the changes asked are reasonnable.

Will I receive the download of purchased data instantly? How long does it take to receive an ordered 3D models?

For security reasons, the animation is sent to you by email (or via ftp link -  a service soon available). As soon as you have completed the order, we verify each order, and send you the data the same day (during European office hours).
We also provide you with email contacts, as well as live chat contacts to answer any queries.

Do you provide .dae file type? Bvh?

On demand. The extension “.dae” is associated with the 3D format called Collada.
Collada is a 3D file format especially designed to facilitate 3D information interchange between the different 3D content creation tools and can be easily integrated within game development tool chains. The official web site of Collada is
Bvh is for the Biovision format (It is a mocap format, used in 'Second life', for example)