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How does it work ?

  • How to search for the animations you need

    You can search for animation or 3D models utilizing the top bar to narrow your search via the categories:

    • human
    • animal
    • 3D models

    Each category contains sub-categories that will help you further refine your search.

    If you prefer to look at the list of a specific sub-categories, click on the highlighted sub-category and all the choices will display.

    Once you choose an animation you want to see, you can either click on the image (it will open a window, showing the film in larger size), or click on the link 'Full description/Interlinked animations' to get to the individual page of this animation. This link will also display more views, descriptions and any related animations that can play Before, After, or both (Interlinked: that can play before and after)

  • How to order additional animations you need for your characters?

    Go to the Services page, and fill the form. PAB will respond you right away. You can also contact us using live chat during European office hours Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm PST.

  • How to find 3Dcharacter's plug and play for these animations?

    The 3D models from our bank are rigged with character studio, which allows instant plug and play of the animations on the models with .bip files or .fbx files (motion builder).

    We offer 3D characters as examples on our web site in our Download section.

    If you want a character done the way you want and cannot see it in the bank, go to the Services page, fill an order form explaining the vision for your project and to start communicating with us. After initial contact, we will give you an estimate of the production time and cost. PAB will then answer all your preliminary questions, providing the indespensible benchmarks to achieve your goals and ensure you get exactly what you want.

  • How to get entire scenes animated? An entire film?

    We can produce film sequences and realtime cinematics for games. To get a quote, and start communicating with us, go to the Services page, explaining your project and we will get back to you right away. Each production is specific and needs a specific answer. Whatever the production, PAB will always remain very competitive and efficient.

  • How to get answers to any questions?

    Emails us at contact (at) proanimationbank (dot) com, or through the Services page.
    For all customers, we also provide special livechat contacts.